Glutax 3gs Skin Whitening Injections

Glutax 3gs Advanced Cellular Ultra Whitening Injections

Market is flooded with skin whitening solutions but most of these are ineffective. Many people who dream to have flawless and fair skin have fallen prey to such products which tend to do more harm than good. But with the Glutax 3gs Advanced Cellular Ultra Whitening injections, the history is going to change.

This product boasts of being an improved version of a GLUTAX 3gs Micro Advance that contains great amount of vitamins to ensure that the effects are speedy and stunning. Its constituents contribute to serving the purpose of making the skin look healthier and prettier than ever before.

Some of the ingredients are:

  • 3000mg - Setria Glutathione
  • 300 mg - Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • 1500 mg - Ascorbic Acid
  • 500 mg - Collagen Extract
  • 300 mg - Vitamin E 300mg
  • 250 mg - Vitamin B3
  • 100 mg - Vitamin B5

This product is made of advanced formula and contains a great blend of Vitamins that mix into the blood and infuse instant radiance. It has raised hope of those who always wanted to flaunt a fairer, whiter and pimple free complexion. With this effective antioxidant, getting as well as maintaining beauty is very much within one’s purview.This product promises to record the difference in 4 weeks’ time and users are highly satisfied with the younger, clearer, smoother, flawless, and whiter skin they get after the complete course of dosage intake.

Some of its outstanding benefits include:

  • High level of energy and a strong immunity system
  • Improvisation in mental functions, recording positive aspects like improved concentration, memory and focus
  • Energetic athletic performance
  • Reduced recovery time post each workoutsession or surgery
  • Closes the unwanted facial pores to enhance complexion
  • Intensifies the detoxification
  • Clears away the aging signs such as wrinkles, fine line, dark sports and under eye dark circles
  • Safeguards the system from degenerative diseases, like diabetes
  • Reduces melanin formation resulting in rapid skin whitening
  • Controlling / combatting formation of acne/blemishes/pimples
  • Safe to be used by all age groups

Recommended Dosage:As a standard dosage prescribed by the manufacturer, one must in-take 1 ampoule /injection per week constantly for 1 or 2 months. The dose can be gradually reduced to 1 injection in 2 weeks to maintain the skin. However, the dosage also majorly depends on an individual’s body metabolism. It is advised to consult a physician or dermatologist to know about the dosage.

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