Glutax-100gs Skin Whitening Injections

Glutax 100gs Inferno Essentialle Skin Whitening

Glutax 100gs Inferno Essentialle Skin Whitening is very effectual against all types of signs of aging and is just suitable for anyone with a dark complexion, rough upper surface of skin, wrinkles, fine lines and sensitive skin. It helps to brighten your skin to a radiant glow and leave it smoother and firmer. Glutax 100gs Inferno Essentialle Skin Whitening is not only good for skin, it also helps to detoxify liver, blood and other organs as also boosts the immune system of the body, controls the hormone balance, controls the enzyme secretion and numerous other supporting functions.


The essential ingredients of Glutax 100gs Inferno Essentialle Skin Whitening is mentioned below:

  • Glutathione Essential Extracts -100gm
  • Acido Alfa Lipoico- 500mg
  • Collagen Ascorbic Supreme -2gm
  • Epidermal Growth factor -500mg
  • Selenio -0.25mcg
  • Vitamin E -500mg
  • Pro-Vitamin B3 -500mg
  • Pro-Vitamin B5- 750mg

The presence of 100gm Glutathione as the base of this skin whitening injection has made this whole product very effective on all forms of skins. All other ingredients including the vitamins have specific activity on human body.

Benefits of Whitening Injections

Benefits of Glutax 100gs Inferno Essentialle Skin Whitening is wide ranging. Though most of the users of this injection therapy take the dosages with an intention to achieve fair complexion, they soon realize that their entire body immunity have been changing abruptly. They can walk faster, work with more enthusiasm, put more labor than they used to put previously and above all they are becoming more

Glutax 100gs has been successfully tested on millions of people all over the world. Apart from skin whitening property this injection has many other healing effects as mentioned below:

  • Make the skin fair, smooth and lustrous much faster than the other products in the same genre.
  • Presence of Acido Alfa Lipoico enhances the effectiveness of glutathione.
  • Detoxification takes place from very core as a result the heavy metals are also washed out of the body very effectively.
  • Reduces melanin concentration, thereby giving very fair complexion very fast.
  • Reduces pigmentation, and dark patches very effectively. Skin starts to glow within a few weeks.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles vanish soon. Skin looks younger and softer.
  • Protects the skin from the bad effects of UV radiation.
  • It is a perfect anti-aging agent. The users and everybody surrounding them feel the changes.


This injection is administrated through intravenous drip. It is always feasible to contact an expert dermatologist to get the right dosages and other supporting steps to get maximum benefit out of this immensely beneficial skin whitening injection.

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