Glutax 30g Skin Whitening Injections

Glutax 30g infinity Anti ageing

Glutax 30g infinity Anti ageing is for those individuals who want to have bright, soft and wrinkle free skin. Glutax 30g infinity Anti ageing has many other benefits for human body. It brings an overall youthfulness and energy to any person who is taking this injection.

Basic Ingredients

Glutathione which is present 30gm in a file of the Glutax 30g infinity Anti ageing injection is the base of the solution. Apart from Glutathione, the following ingredients are present in the solution:

  • Alpha Lipoico - 200 mg
  • VitaminE - 600 mg
  • Pro- VitaminB5 - 100mg
  • Pro- vitaminB3 - 250mg
  • VitaminC - 2000mg
  • Collagen - 350mg

All these ingredients including Glutathione have their specific advantage for human body.

Glutathioneis involved in many human body processes, including tissue repair and tissue building, producing essential chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and for the boosting up the immune system. Glutathione is also very efficient antioxidant which is very capable to wash even the heavy metals from the cells. Glutathione also very effective in reducing melanin concentration, which leads to fair complexion and reduction of dark patches.

Alpha Lipoico is another active antioxidant that helps the Glutathione molecules to work more intensively thereby enhancing the action of Glutathione.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E have several benefits including repair of damaged cells and detoxification of blood, nerve cells and major body organs like heart, kidney and liver.

Pro-Vitamin B5 is noted for its ability to function as a “humectants”- a very efficient water-binding substance that draws and retains water in skin tissues.

Pro-Vitamin B3, also known as Niacinamide controls the level of two important enzymes in human body, viz. NADH and NADPH that contribute to the production of cellular energy and lipids. These two important enzymes are the primary reasons behind the flexibility of human skin. Thus, loss of NADH and NADPH are the primary cause of early aging which is very effectively controlled by Pro-Vitamin B3.

Collagen keeps the body strength intact by preventing absorption of pathogenic substances, environmental toxins, and microorganisms etc. Collagen protein actively works to bind the various layers and tissues together. It thus mends the wrinkles which form due to damaged cells and prevents early aging of human skin.

Thus all the ingredients are known for their immense effectiveness on skin whitening, cell damage controlling, anti aging and detoxifying capacity.

Dosages and restrictions

Normally, one injection per week is the dosage advised by an expert. The changes are soon visible and in many cases changes are visible right from second week. After getting the desired complexion the dosage can be reduced to once a month or as advised by the expert. There are also certain restrictions to be followed by the people having other physical complicacies. Pregnant women, breast feeding women and patients with cardiovascular problems are normally asked to avoid this injection as long as their doctors are not advising, otherwise anybody with good physical stature can take this injection to achieve smart, bright and fair look.

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