Glutax-35G Skin Whitening Injections

Glutax 35GS Nano Pro VGP skin whitening

Glutax 35GS Nano Pro VGP skin whitening injection is very effective against all signs of aging and just perfect for anyone with a dark complexion, rough skin, and wrinkles. This wonderful injection will help to brighten theskin to a radiant glow and make it smoother and firmer.Glutax 35gs Nano Pro VGP Skin Whitening is not only good for all types of skin, it also a great detoxifying agent for liver, kidney, blood and other major organs. It boosts the entire immune system, enzyme secretion, hormone balance and numerous other supporting functions.

Benefits of Whitening Injections

Glutax 35gs Nano Pro VGP Skin Whiteningtherapy has multiples of positive aspects. Millions of people all over the world have been using this immensely beneficial injection quite satisfactorily. Apart from skin whitening property this injection has many other healing effects.

  • Make the skin fair,smooth and lustrous five times faster.
  • Presence ofLipoic Acid may enhance the efficiency of glutathione manifold.
  • Detoxifies the entire body too efficiently. It’s even capable to remove heavy metals from the body organs which are otherwise hard to remove.
  • Directly works on the melanin and reduces melanin concentration to remove dark shades permanently.
  • Repair damaged skin cells very fast also increases the rate of growth of new cells.
  • Protects skin from UV radiation.
  • Reduces wrinkles and enhances skin elasticity.
  • Reduces pores in the skin which are otherwise go on increasing with age.
  • Works wonderfully as an anti-aging agent.


  • Glutathione- 35000mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid- 500 mg
  • Ascorbic Acid 2500 mg
  • Collagen Extract 500 mg
  • Vitamin E- 400mg
  • Kojic Acid- 500 mg
  • Nano Pro Vegetal Placenta- 585mg
  • Nano Pro Coenzymes Q
  • Pro Vitamin B3 350 mg
  • Pro Vitamin B5 350 mg

Dosages and Precautions

It is always advisable to take this amazing injection with proper guidance. It works much faster than the other skin whitening injections in the same genre. It is always advisable to take expert opinion regarding the dosages for faster and permanent changes in the skin as desired by an individual. There are some restrictions too-

  • Pregnant women and who are presently breast feeding should not take this injection therapy.
  • Patients with cardiovascular illness and undergoing medications should never take these injections.
  • People with any other medical history should also consult their medical practitioners before taking these injections.

Apart from these, any other person with sound health can take this injection therapy regularly and within a few weeks they’ll notice the changes in their skins.

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