Glutax-Pro-Q10 Skin Whitening Injections

Glutax Pro Q10 Platinum Skin Whitening

Getting fairer and softer skin is possible by taking Glutax Pro Q10 Platinum Skin Whitening Injection therapy. As per statistical data available it brings changes within four weeks. Users can also obtain many other benefits by using Glutax Pro Q10 Platinum. Presence of high quantity of Glutathione has many positive effects including its immense skin whitening capacity and detoxification property. In this skin whitening formula presence of Pro Q10 is an added advantage. This particular ingredient counteracts the harmful free radicals and washes these free radicals out of the cells. So, a beautiful and energetic body with beautiful skin is possible just by taking Glutax Pro Q10 Platinum Skin Whitening as advised by an expert dermatologist.


The ingredients present in Glutax Pro Q10 Platinum Skin Whitening are self-explanatory, why this product has gained so much popularity in the skin whitening product industry?

  • Glutathione – 5gm
  • Pro-Enzyme Q10- 500mg
  • Ascorbic Acid- 1.5gm
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid- 200mg
  • Collagen- 350mg

Presence of Glutathione, Ascorbic Acid and Alpha Lipoic acid have virtually made it a strong guard against all toxic agents that damages vital organs like heart, kidney and liver. Asorbic acid, which is a source of Vitamin C, has many benefits for human body and blood circulatory system. All these above mentioned ingredients are mixed in such a percentage that these support one another’s basic functions. Thus, Glutathione keeps the body every youthful and skin ageless with the help of all other ingredients.

Basic advantages of Glutax Pro Q10 Platinum

Advantages of Glutax Pro Q10 is unparallel in the market; however timeframe for getting visible benefit from this product may vary from person to person depending on their metabolic capacities. Here is some mention worthy benefits of this skin whitening injection therapy:

  • Keeps the body immunity at the peak. Germs and virus couldn’t attack the concerned person easily.
  • Enhances the capacity of brain.
  • Athletes and other sports personnel get higher energy to play or perform physical activities for longer hours.
  • This most effective detoxifying product which can detoxify the body from all sorts of harmful products.
  • Controls blood sugar and hypertension.
  • Users achieve desired fairness quickly.
  • Users don’t get disturbed by skin problems like acne or pimple.
  • Skin looks younger free from wrinkles and fast lines.


Each set of injection needs to be taken once a week. The combination of liquid and powder is to be prepared in a 10CC syringe and needs to be applied once a week or as advised by a medical practitioner.

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