Tatiomax Skin Whitening Injections

Tatiomax Plus 1200 mg Injections

Fairer, whiter and smoother skin is no more a dream with the immense medical advancement. Where beauty solutions are being demanded and have formed another branch of surgical field, there are many injections which claim to endow stunning results when it comes to skin lightening and brightening. Tatiomax Plus 1200 mg Injection is rich in glutathione which is regarded as an effective antioxidant and helps in improving the skin tone along with keeping the ligaments, cartilage, supporting tissues, organs, and joints in a healthy and sound condition.

This product has a natural composition and is as safe to be used as are the soaps, lotions, creams, tablets which work on whitening the skin. It gets absorbed into the gut and then the blood to bring about exceptional beauty effects. As an amazing quality of glutathione, it detoxifies the body and helps in secretion of toxins and wastes from the body. Tatiomax Plus 1200 mg Injection has Vitamic C to brighten the skin without posing any side effects. Also, collagen helps in controlling the signs of aging such as lose skin, fine lines etc.

Its key constituents include:

  • 1200mg - Reduced Glutathione (Lyophilized Powder)
  • 200mg - Hydrolyzed Collagen
  • Fibrous protein
  • 500mg/5ml - Vitamin C Ampoule

Some of the remarkable benefits delivered by this whitening injections are:

  • Reduction in fine lines, pigmentation and wrinkles
  • Boost in the production of cartilage and joints
  • Production of collagen
  • Skin repair
  • Reversal of skin damage
  • Clarity in skin to keep it free from pimples
  • Removal of skin ailments such as scars, blemishes, discoloration etc.
  • Keeps the skin supple, hydrated, youthful and rejuvenated
  • Boost in immune System
  • Slowing down the aging along with protecting the skin
  • Improvisation in sexual health by adding to the sperm count for male
  • Control in the rate of free radical damage

Reviewed and tested by leading lab researchers, this product is free from all the harmful effects and can be used by people of age groups. It imparts equally impressive results on all skin types by enhancing the internal body function.

Doctors recommend 1 Ampoule per session which needs to be taken once or twice a week. Apart from this, doctor should be contacted to gain apt recommendation of right dose of Tatiomax Plus+. Additionally, pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers are advised against this medicine.

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