Glutax 20g Skin Whitening Injections

Glutax 20g Supreme Cellular ultra whitening

The supreme capacity of Glutathione is known to everybody. The product is available in different fruits and vegetables, and also produced in liver in very low quantity. Experts opine that presence of Glutathione in sufficient quantities can obliterate multiple of health related issues including blood sugar and liver dysfunction. Glutax 20g Supreme Cellular ultra whitening 20,000mg injection has become very popular all over the world for its all positive effect on skin and excellent detoxification quality.

Ingredients of Glutax 20g Supreme Cellular ultra whitening

The following are the primary ingredients of Glutax 20g Supreme Cellular ultra whitening injection with Glutathione as the base:

  • Glutathione- 20gm
  • L'Acido Ascorbic- 2g
  • Alpha Lipoico- 200mg
  • Collagen Extract- 350mg
  • Vitamin E Supreme- 500mg
  • Pro-Vitamin B3- 250mg
  • Pro-Vitamin B5- 100mg

Each of these ingredients has their specific function in human body. At the same time they enhance the function of the other ingredients remarkably their by creating an immense positive effect of each dosage on the body.

Benefits of the whitening injections:

Glutathione has several benefits on human physiological system-

  • It’s proved as the best antioxidant available on the earth which is capable enough to remove all forms of toxic agents from the body.
  • It’s the most effective skin whitening agent invented till to-date. It directly acts on all layers of skin and improves skin complexion drastically.

Glutathione along with L'Acido Ascorbic, Alpha Lipoic acid and Vitamin E enhances the overall functionality of the injection especially on the skin and skin related problems-

  • It reduces many skin problems including blemishes, pimples and acnes.
  • It reduces melanin concentration which creates better skin complexion, and skin texture.
  • Reduces wrinkles and works wonderfully as anti- aging ingredient.
  • Removes scars and dark marks from the skin. The skin looks very lustrous.
  • Protects the skin from ill-effects of UV rays from Sunlight.
  • Controls the number of pores which normally increases with age.

The skin as a whole looks much younger and brighter just after a two weeks of applying the injections. Injections are always better than the pills as the ingredients in the former directly mixes with the blood and reaches all parts of the body in greater percentage then the ingredients in pills.

Dosages and Restrictions:

It is always advisable to consult with an expert to fix the dosages per week. The dosages are fixed by an expert only after investigating the medical history, lifestyle and skin complexion of an individual. Thus, dosages change from person to person. The effect also varies from person to person depending upon the metabolic capacity of each of them interested to get glowing and fair skin complexion.

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