1. If skin whitening injections are better than the pills?

Yes, Since the injections directly mix up in the blood, these work faster and more effectively than the pills.

2. Is these skin whitening injections are safe to use?

Yes, These skin whitening injections are clinically tested and then bought in the market. These are safe to use.

3. How long may I’ve to wait to get the desired result?

Normally, result is visible within a month. However, it varies from person to person. It depends on a number of factors including your metabolic capacity.

4. Is it bad to take a high dosage of Injectable glutathione?

No, It all depends on how much fairness do you expect. High amount of Glutathione is given to many people depending on the purpose of this supplement.

5. Can I stop using the injection once I achieve the skin tone I want?

It all depends on your preference. Many users use the injections in moderate to lower dosages even after getting the desired results. They do so just to detoxify their bodies and keep the organs in good conditions.

6. Is the skin whitening effect permanent?

Yes, But you need to check your lifestyle that may deteriorate skin health once again.

7. Can I apply the injections by myself?

Yes, if you are trained enough in applying intravenous injections.

8. Is these injections are safe for the teens?

Yes The ingredients in the injections including glutathione are considered as a supplement just as if somebody is taking some regular vitamins.

9. How can I order the injections?

Ordering the injections is easy. You just need to call us at the given telephone number or you can also email us with your phone number.

10. How the product is delivered?

The product is delivered through a secured post to your doorstep. You’ll get the product professionally packed and with all relevant instructions at the quickest possible time.

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